Social Media Business Service Consultant & Planning

Is your company effectively leveraging Social Media to increase your visibility, traffic and online presence? Social media is the No.1 way to reach you target audience.


Did you know?

Social Media Marketing Sydney is an essential part of any companies present advertising campaigns. Social Media Marketing is effective, measurable and creative way to create awareness of your service / product and to drive traffic to your website.

Mindiam can create a professional and effective Social Media Strategy for your business through from consulting, planning and implementation. Our Social Media Marketing Business services will allow your organisation create the following:

  • Leverage your companies presence through various Social Media Networks
  • Create a strong online community presence for your brand, products and services
  • Promote brand loyalty, recognition and an online buzz!
  • Reach certain target geographic and demographic audiences
  • Increase the back links to your website through social media platforms
  • Increase your organic search engine rankings through Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • Esstablish the best type of free advertising available, Word of mouth advertising.


Our 5 step process for Business Social Media Marketing and Promotion:


Step 1 – Strategy
Mindiam will converse with you to find the look and feel your business should establish online. We will create your online presence in the Social Media Platform and provide the tools needed to monitor and analyse your performance online.[/list]

Step 2 – Design
Mindiam will create profiles for each of the selected Social Media Platforms you choose to target. Each profile will reflect your companies brand, services and product.

Step 3 – Optimisation
In order to increase your online Social Media Marketing presence Mindiam will continuously monitor, revise and improve your keywords, tagging and interaction with customers. This will increase your brand awareness, inbound links and traffic.

Step 4 – Monitor
As your presence grows we will monitor your websites traffic to show statistics such as the demographics of your user, browsers and operating system users, mobile views, how long they stay on your website and conversion rates.

Step 5 – Analysis
When new data or trends are established with your Social Media campaign Mindiam will revise and readjust your online presence to take full advantage of the latest internet trends.



Brand Social Awareness

People love to talk about brands on the web through twitter, review websites anywhere they frequently visit, whether companies are paying attention to it or not. This discussion is a rich source of insight into unprompted, unsolicited, self-motivated and spontaneous consumer perceptions, as they may relate to your products and services, competitors, current issues, trends, and marketing impact.

Just looking at raw volumes of mentions on the web is not enough; we go beyond qualitative analysis to provide insight into the intersection of the related topics and sub-topics that are being discussed, the sentiment surrounding those discussions, the extent to which they engaged other users and the effect of influence that those current tweets ad business mentions have.



Facebook Social Media Marketing Management is an essential strategy for any business to gain additional exposure. Current trends show that there is a high growth rate for people spending more time on Facebook and less time on other forms of online media. Demographics data shows that Adults, Teenagers and Professionals are engaged in Facebook. With the rapid growth of Social Networking websites, having a Facebook presence for your companies services and products is essential to increase website hits and spread your message through the top social networking community.



Twitter Social Media Marketing is an essential strategy to gain further exposure for your business. Twitter promotion is the newest and most effective strategy in social media marketing with a exponential growth rate and online presence. Twitter has recently become a real time search engine feature in Google, Bing and Yahoo showing real time tweet and results to potential customers. Mindiam can create and develop a long list of users with daily tweets updating information about your company and business services / products, creating a strong brand awareness and online presence.



Youtube Social Media Marketing Management is an essential strategy for any business advertising online to gain additional exposure and potential Viral Video Marketing Results. With more then 6 billion monthly video views, a Youtube strategy is a certain way to gain further brand awareness for your company and engage users in your products and services. Mindiam can create a large following of friends and spread your message through the internets most dominate Online Video Provider through video description optimisation, posting on other social media websites and traffic analysis.