Search Engine Marketing Sydney

Search Engine Marketing Sydney

Search Engine Marketing Sydney or PPC (Pay per click) Online marketing is the quickest way to generate traffic through the search engines.


At Mindiam we understand:

  • How much a click is really worth for your SEM campaign
  • Making sure that you get in the top 3 positions at the lowest possible price per click
  • Managing Tier 1 networks such as Yahoo Search Marketing, Google Adwords and MSN adcentre
  • Working on Tier 2 networks such as Askjeeves, Findwhat, Chitika and ePilot


Google Adwords PPC Management

It is essential that your company is implementing Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing when performing online marketing through Google search engines. There is no denying how important a selective PPC marketing program can be, as selected click through rates, certain keywords and ROI can dramatically impact the leads and sales of your business.


Our Core Strategies include:

  • Highly targeted efficient keyword campaigns to suit your monthly budget
  • Specifically targeted Adwords campaigns for your market
  • Tracking conversions and a constant monitoring of your bids and keyword terms
  • Detailes analysis of your campaign



Landing Page Optimisation

Our landing page optimisation and design experts provide you with a highly optimised website to increase your conversion rates and increase the time spent viewing your website. Our system can include split A/B testing to determine which landing pages convert best for your specific Adwords campaigns.

Mindiam will create landing pages that are tailored to your campaign or to a specific product or service. A team of designers and landing page experts build each page from the ground up, using unique images and calls to action while harnessing proven marketing techniques to help increase your sales.


Link Building Services

A strong, natural link building campaign specifically targeted to your genre of website is one of the main components to a successful search engine optimisation process. We have developed a specialised link building program to has been proven to be extremely effective with building credibility and a websites ranking and overall appearance in the search engines. Our process focuses on the relevancy of the website and the ability to embed the proper anchor text back to your website. Relevancy and the value of the website that you are linking to are key components in this process.

  • All of our linking is created in our office.
  • We have white hat link building methods and make sure all of our links are on high quality related websites
  • Our link building strategies are ethical and very effective.
  • Each link building campaign is customized toward each specific client. Our goal is to provide a variety of links from a cross section of various link building methods.


When working on a clients PPC campaign for Search Engine Marketing Sydney we focus on the value of your clicks.


The value of action

Every commercial site has an established action the site owner wants the site visitor to carry out such as buying a product, making a call, requesting a quote, signing up for information and so on. Mindiam will setup an SEM campaign that matches your criteria on how much you are willing to pay per sales lead.


Creating suitable ads for your audience

Mindiam works with Google and Yahoo’s strict guidelines about what type of landing page or website you can have your adds link to. We also create eye catching campaigns and phrases to make sure your online marketing campaign works for you.


Analysing your conversion rate

Conversion on PPC campaigns is a numbers game, we strive to get you the highest possible conversion rate for your sales leads. All clicks and leads are analysed through google analytics and reported to the client on a monthly basis.