The best methods for finding and engaging with Instagram engagement groups

What are Instagram engagement groups?

Instagram engagement groups, also known as Instagram pods, are groups of people who have agreed to comment on, view, and/or Like your posts in exchange for you commenting on, viewing and/or Liking their posts.

By using these groups, you’re ensuring that every time you post a piece of content, in addition to the regular amount of engagement you might get from your followers, you also have the added engagement from the members of your Instagram engagement groups.

Why should I join Instagram engagement groups?

When you search a hashtag on Instagram, you get a screen that looks like this:

Instagram engagement groups

These posts are the posts that Instagram has deemed to be the most popular for your hashtag at the time of searching.

While the exact formula for getting your posts into the Top Post grid is not fully known, engagement is a big factor. Almost as important as the amount of engagement is the speed at which a post acquires its engagement.

For example, a post that receives its engagement within the first hour is more likely rank as a Top Post for its hashtag than a post that receives the same amount of engagement over the course of a couple days.

Not only does using an Instagram engagement group get you more engagement, but it also helps you get that engagement very quickly – the two main ingredients for ranking as a Top Post for your hashtag.

Having your post appear as a Top Post means WAY more visibility for your post and for your Instagram channel. More visibility from the right kind of people means more followers for your channel.

How do I find Instagram Engagement Groups

Finding Instagram engagement groups can be as simple as reaching out to similar channels on Instagram and asking if they belong to or are aware of any engagement groups that are accepting new members.

You can do this manually by reaching out to channels one-by-one, or you use an automation tools to speed up the process.

Another option is Google:

  • Instagram Engagement Groups 2019
  • Instagram engagement groups list
  • Instagram pods to  join

Any of these searches will provide possible engagement groups for you to join.

While any engagement group will undoubtedly help get engagement for your posts, it can look suspicious if most of your comments come from Instagram users completely outside the theme of your channel. This is why you should join theme-specific engagement groups. This way, all engagement you receive is coming from people who are actually involved in your industry and therefore looks more natural under your posts.

If you want to narrow down your search to theme-specific groups, here are some popular searches:

  • Instagram pods for photographers
  • Instagram pods for artists
  • Instagram pods for business

Or you can simply search “Instagram engagement groups/Instagram pods/ for *your theme*“.

The problem with Instagram engagement groups

The only problem with engagement groups is finding the right one and maintaining your activity in them day-after-day.

Here’s an example of the rules from a real Likes-only engagement group for people with more than 1k followers:

engagement group rules

That’s a lot.

Plus, if not everyone is on the ball or your group is full of leechers, you risk putting in the effort to comment and Like on dozens of posts without receiving equal engagement back.

To avoid all of this, your best bet is to join automated engagement groups.

Automated engagement groups give you all the benefits of regular engagement groups but without any of the hassle.

For example, platforms like AiGrow allow you to join over 200 active Instagram engagement groups, catering to virtually all niches and types of engagement, for free.

All you have to do is join a group, upload a post to Instagram using their free scheduler, and every member of your engagement group will automatically engage with your new post.

Whenever someone else in your group uploads a new post, you’ll automatically do the same.

These automated engagement groups are an easy way to maintain a healthy engagement rate as you grow and maintain a good standing in the eyes of the Instagram algorithm.

Instagram engagement groups, when used correctly, are a super effective way to get more engagement on your posts, rank as a Top Post for your hashtags, and ultimately generate more relevant followers for your Instagram page.

Have any experience with Instagram engagement groups? Drop us a line in the comments below.

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