Google AMP approves astonishing evidence on mobile search results

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November 8, 2016
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Google AMP approves astonishing evidence on mobile search results



Have you ever been sitting on the bus browsing on your mobile and find it frustrating when a site loads extremely slow, the site is hard to browse and you may quickly backtrack and look for something else. This has all now been changed with the introduction of a new protocol called Accelerated mobile pages (Google AMP). March 2016 Google has implemented this new standard of coding as a way to present content for mobile users. Lets get into the discussion on Google AMP mobile search results, improving your online marketing, blog pages, search listings and SERP’s.


If you are a business owner and interested in improving your websites online rankings you should take a further look at how you can implement Google AMP mobile search results features into your website. It has been stated by the team at Google working on the AMP project that AMP powered websites will effect search mobile rankings due to speed factors. This is backed up by the fact that mobile friendly websites are already improving in the search engines as a focus on this user browsing trend increases each year.


Here are a few examples of AMP search results ranking highly in the SERP’s

As you can see AMP enabled websites are ranked well in the search results, with news snippets appearing before organic search listings. Keep in mind these are news based websites. You will notice the AMP Icon next to listing results.






Experts look at the effect on Google AMP mobile search results

Over 70% of SEO professionals working in the industry agree that AMP powered websites will increase their rankings in the search engines.

If you are Savvy and would like to get ahead of the competition while this feature is just being rolled out, you can start now by hiring a web design company in Sydney to take care of the hard work. We currently support updating the blogs of platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla and a few other CMS systems. There are currently a few techniques available and integrating AMP into your website will work alongside of your current design.

This can create a window of opportunity for your business allowing proactive business owners to quickly adopt significant advantages over their online competition.


How does Google AMP mobile search results work?


AMP simplifies the coding on a website and strips out coding platforms like JAVA to help streamline pages. Secondly it pings content from its own servers which means it does not connect to the publishers server.

search engine journal


The current advantages of implementing AMP into your website

As this is a new feature it is not heavily integrated into the ranking algorithms of Google though it will improve your websites speed and user browsing experience. Keyword related AMP posts appear higher in Google search results and also show the Google AMP symbol next to search results lettings users know that your site will load faster then any other sites listed without the AMP symbol.

Another BIG advantage is users can browse your website when they are offline! Yes this is correct, once they have visited your website, they can go back and browse the website offline (only the previous pages you have viewed)


What makes Google AMP important for SEO

If you don’t already know and are new to Search engine optimisation, speed and loading time is a key factor in ranking your website. For the past few years Google has been evolving and ranking websites higher based on the how long it takes the site to load for the user. Website owners have been optimizing sites with CDN’s (Content delivery networks), Minifying Javascript and CSS along side of image optimisation.

As a result of this ranking factor Google is developing ways to make the links you click on the search engines load blazingly fast, to improve the experience for the user. Now with the Google AMP project they are making those results appear higher or even first as a news snippet in Google search results.

The Positive and Negative Aspects of Google AMP for Publishers


  • Websites with AMP implemented will be shown higher in the search results. If your site is primarily blog / content based you may be featured as snipper at the top of the results
  • Once AMP becomes more recognized users will click on an AMP link over a normal link knowing it will load instantly
  • AMP is an open source coding technology meaning any website developer can implement it check out Github for source codes and samples
  • Google Analytics will soon support AMP
  • Your content will get more readers
  • More features will be implemented into the project as more people integrate the feature into their website



  • AMP only currently supports news blog / page type websites. Websites that rely on Javascript will not work
  • Your domain authority may go down as people link to your AMP pages and not your servers content
  • Some advertisements will not work if they are not compatible with AMP
  • If you are building a completely new website you will have to factor in the extra costs of having an AMP supported website developed



Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) Official announcement

Google announces this new initiative, which will dramatically improve the performance of browsing mobile friendly websites.


We want webpages which right content like video, animated graphics to work alongside smart ads and load instantaneously. We also want the code to work across multiple platforms and devices

Google Official Blog


Google is collaborating with large companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress and LinkedIn to make sure these companies are some of the first to implement AMP HTML pages.

Google has put out a statement in relation to websites implementing AMP with categories into 3 main areas. Content, Distribution and Advertising Revenue.

It is know many website owners rely on features such as image carousels, social plugins and videos to make their website stand out and retain users, the Google AMP project provides an open source approach allowing publishers to stand out while producing great content.

Publishers love to enjoy there stories being read, from anywhere in the world, so for instance you can produce a highly detailed article which can be accessed instantly by someone in a country with a slow internet access speed. Users could browse your website while not entirely reading it all, then finish reading when they return home where their mobile browser would be offline. With Google’s high performance cache servers it allows publishers to reach a larger audience for a longer duration.

Advertising is what brings in money for publishers, a well know fact, it is probably the reason why you have a company website or eCommerce store. AMP supports a large network of advertisers that wont detract from the user experience. Google states it will work with advertisings to support AMP and the experience that it provides for it’s users.


Google AMP mobile search current features:

When you convert your blog to AMP you may be wondering if you would have to retract some of your websites features. AMP currently supports many features allowing you to keep your online advertising in tact. Google AMP currently supports:

  • Buttons
  • Image galleries
  • LTR and RTL languages
  • Structured data & Schema markup
  • You can browse offline
  • Contact forms
  • Menu mobile side bars
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Accordions and Carousels for images
  • Video & Audio embeds
  • Advertisements (Google Adsense & banner ads)
  • 12 columns grid
  • Google fonts
  • HTML5 & CSS3

AMP Templates and your website

Mindiam can implement google’s AMP technology into your website, we support WordPress, Joomla and Magento along side of other CMS’s systems. If you are interested in this service be sure to make contact with your current CMS system and we can talk about how we can help you with this new feature.

There are currently only a few plugins available that support the Google AMP feature, though there is one template we found which is a complete site based on the Google AMP technology. If you are looking for AMP templates be sure to check out Pinna.

Pinna Theme



Pinna AMP Complete website theme

Pinna is a complete website template you can edit with any coding editor. This theme is a HTML5, CSS3, Responsive, AMP template. It will improve your Google AMP mobile search results.

If you are willing to take a the full leap and have a complete AMP functional website this is the way to go. This would be suitable for website that would just like to present content, images, videos and forms.

Download Here


Pinna Theme speed



The Pinna AMP theme currently provides:

  • A page speed score of 94%
  • Gulp powered theme system which saves time and money
  • The Nunjucks template engine which makes working with HTML easy
  • LTR and RTL support
  • Schema data support
  • Browse your website offline
  • Detailed documentation
  • A working contact form which works on SMTP
  • A mobile friendly sidebar
  • Well designed blog layouts
  • Images, video and audio embedding
  • Advertisements
  • Exceptional updates and support


Download Here



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