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November 7, 2016
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Facebook eCommerce Store APP

Integrate your existing Magento or Shopify e-commerce store into your Facebook account. Make your entire catalog available in Facebook to reach a wider audience and increase the sales of your online e-commerce store.

If you have an existing e-commerce store we can connect it to Facebook. With your store live on Facebook you will have a virtual interface to manage which products and categories to show from your webstore.


Mindiam will design a specific Facebook store style dedicated to a specific campaign to increase the number of your fans and visits to your online store. Mindiam can provide detailed statistics on on your Facebook store, historical data and trends related to user purchases.

With the Facebook e-commerce store setup you can maintain your existing checkout system. Once a Facebook user is ready to purchase from within Facebook they will be sent to your e-commerce stores purchase page with the items and information already established in their checkout cart.

Features of the Facebook ecommerce store integration include:

  • Promote your existing brands and products
  • Provide opportunities for users to become a fan or share purchases using Twitter or Facebook. Track this activity and measure its effectiveness.
  • Get real time analytical data on your visitors preferences and behavior
  • Comments made on your regular store can show up on your facebook store
  • Automate marketing promotions
  • Supports Magento and Shopify
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