We provide effective strategies for forward thinking companies

Focusing on business growth we are an organisation that has exceptional technology.

What can we do to impact those area's for businesses online?

We thought what would make companies want to come to us for consultation and advice on web development, online marketing and SEO, rather then go with another company. We realise that our customers are our greatest asset.

We have the knowledge and creative flair to start something spectacular

Our vision is to create a business where the first criterion for growing a business successfully is the same as for starting one. We stand out by being at the forefront of CMS web development and online marketing techniques.

Web development

We have worked on various coding platforms and CMS systems such as Joomla!, Wordpress and Magento. We tend to focus on only a few of the best platforms to achieve the best results for your organization.

Online marketing

We have tools that can streamline your eCommerce store into shopping feeds allowing you to increase your overall revenue. As mobile shopping increases it is essential for online eCommerce stores to advertise while targeting specific customer browsing habits.

Sales optimization

All sales can be increased with the correct landing page design, selling point and call to action. By redesigning your sites layout you can convert your already existing traffic into a higher percentage of converting customers.

Content strategy

Content with the correct SEO structure can increase organic traffic and increase the amount of time users spend on your website. Mindiam has the tools needed to implement long tail keywords into your content strategy to increase exposure to your website's product or service.

Mindiam will help you with your online business growth plan, from the initial stages of a new website development to the growth stage through online marketing and traffic analysis.

By presenting your website on a platform that is fast, well indexed (SEO Optimised) and tested on all browsing platforms such as mobile, tablet and desktop you can work with the aspects of this type of growth. Through working with various businesses we know that:Mindiam will help you with your online business growth plan, from the initial stages of a new website development to the growth stage on online marketing and search engine rankings for your selected search keywords. This may entail reminding customers of the range of products and services you sell, through our online marketing techniques we will give them a good reason to come back and see you.

Mindiam has worked with various companies around Australia selling on their eCommerce site, eBay, Amazon and has seen companies grow in profit online from a few sales a day to over $10,000 in sales on various online platforms. Although there are many strategies to grow your business they can all be grouped into three overall methods.

Attracting new customers

  • Selling them more every time they visit your site
  • Getting them to come through the door more often
  • Providing an easy purchase and checkout experience
By working with Mindiam you can concentrate on all three of these methods simultaneously and make small incremental changes in all three areas with great leverage to increase your online revenue.

Our Vision Statement

In 15 years we will be one of the most recognized CMS and web development firms in our area of operation which is CMS Web Development, SEO and Online Marketing. We will maintain an aggressive growth rate of 20% per year focusing only on profitable growth. Mindiam will be a fun place to work for both owners and employees. We will continue to only hire the best and brightest in the industry and our employees will outstanding training and work experience as well as long term growth opportunities. All of this will be accomplished with absolute integrity and fairness to all of those who interact with us.

Our Mission Statement

Mindiam's mission is to bring he general values of our statement into measurable controls.

  • To determine our goals are being met on a regular basis by the positive feedback of our customers
  • To challenge ourself with emerging technologies which can be attained which are not unrealistic or unattainable
  • To make operational and strategic decisions in our business so our goals can be sharply focused
  • To remain flexible and allow for individual interpretation within the framework originally envisioned
  • To keep our goals clean and easy to understand and not just muttering “Business Speak”