How to Pick Keywords in 2018 Complying with RankBrain

The progress in artificial intelligence is so great that machines may outsmart humans one day. At least some of them for sure. In the 00s, keywords were the only clues Google used to analyze the content. But with the launch of its machine learning system dubbed RankBrain, SEO trends have changed for keyword research.

Google doesn’t focus on word-for-word phrasing anymore. Today, it digs much deeper into the text to understand its relevance for a query. Even when there’s an unknown query, the system determines what phrases are related to it and returns results based on that relation.

Thanks to the human-level intelligence of RankBrain, Google has shifted its focus from keywords to the user intent. But while the days of keyword stuffing are gone, it doesn’t mean you can get done with keyword research. It is still as crucial as a decade ago. The only thing that’s changed since then is the way you approach it.

In this post, you will learn how to research keywords from a new angle to comply with RankBrain. Since Google named it the third most important ranking signal, you can’t neglect its weight.


How Google Interprets Search Queries

Before you start picking keywords, check out how Google interprets queries with RankBrain.

Focus on Word Root

Back in the day, Google treated words with the same root yet different endings or suffixes as different words. Now the engine takes into account only the root. The query “install security system” gets results with the verb “install” in a modified form. In the first instance, it becomes a noun with -ation suffix, while the second has a gerund with -ing ending.

keyword research rankbrain

Equality of Singular and Plural Forms

Google considers a noun in singular and plural forms as one word. It refers not only to regular nouns taking -s and -es endings in the plural, but also to those changing root vowels. If you type “tooth whitening” into Google, you will see many results with “teeth whitening.”

keyword research rankbrain

Recognition of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Google knows what shortened forms of phrases stand for. If you want to find a business consultancy in New York, you can type the city name as NYC. The engine will return relevant results to your query.

keyword research rankbrain

Understanding of Synonyms

When users type similar queries, Google realizes they need pretty much the same. That’s why it doesn’t differentiate between synonyms. Searching for “cooking supplies,” you will find pages optimized for “kitchen” instead of “cooking” and “utensils” instead of “supplies.”

keyword research rankbrain

Interpretation of Concepts

Today, it’s all about the meaning of the query, not its wording. Whether you type something short like “number of Amazon employees” or paraphrase it into the entire question “how many employees does Amazon have,” it makes no difference. Google understands your search intent. Not only does it show similar results for both queries, but also gives an instant answer and some additional info.

keyword research rankbrain



How to Do Keyword Research with RankBrain in Mind

Now that you know how Google interprets queries, learn how to choose keywords following its logic. This step-by-step guide is universal for any niche and goal, be it traffic or conversions.

Step 1. Brainstorm ideas of how you can help potential customers.

In the era of RankBrain, keyword research doesn’t start with keywords. As the user intent is the centerpiece of search, think of how you can address people’s needs. The main reason why they use Google is to solve their problems, not buy your products.

Let’s say you want to promote running accessories. Seasoned runners already know about GPS trackers, heart rate monitors, injury prevention items, armbands, holders, belts, and other useful stuff. But what if it is someone who hasn’t run since school?

That person may not have a clue about all those goods that make running a pleasure. You can’t expect him to type your product names into Google. In this case, more probable queries will be your product purposes and benefits.

Here are some examples:

  • how to make running more comfortable,
  • where to store keys while running,
  • how to track running distances,
  • what to wear for winter runs,
  • how to prevent running injuries, etc.

So, brainstorm ideas of how your products can be useful to potential customers. There are many places to learn about their concerns, e.g. communities on social media, forums, Q&A sites like Quora, etc.

Google also has two features to suggest queries that people commonly ask.

  • Autocomplete. As you start typing in the search box, Google automatically completes your phrase with users’ common queries.

keyword research rankbrain

  • Related Searches. At the bottom of the SERP, you can see more variations of the query you typed in the search box.

keyword research rankbrain

Step 2. Make your seed keywords more specific.

While your products may be new to some prospects, there are also many active users who already know about their benefits. They usually search for items using their exact names known as seed keywords in the SEO community. However, seed keywords like “running belts” are too broad terms to withstand competition. That’s why you need to come up with more specific variations known as long-tail keywords.

A single long-tail keyword gets only 30-70 monthly searches on the average. But in total, the search volume can be quite high. As people ask the same thing using different phrases and Google equates synonyms, your page can rank for multiple long-tail keywords.

According to the recent study, there are 49+ million keywords with a minimum search volume. To compare, only 620 keywords have the highest volume.

keyword research rankbrain

Logically, 49 million is a higher number than 620. So are your chances to drive traffic with low-volume keywords. When you browse through seed keywords, filter them by their monthly volume of up to 70 searches.

Step 3. Choose broad keywords with a high search volume and potential.

Although long-tail keywords rule the show in the days of RankBrain, you can still try luck with popular terms that have a high search volume. Just take into account a few metrics to pick the right ones.

  • Seasonality

There are cases when a high search volume drops to record lows. For example, running belts are in demand throughout the year. But when it comes to something seasonal like back-to-school items, most searches fall within a given period only.

The keyword “back to school” has a monthly search volume of 75K in the US. But this data is an average for the last 12 months, which means it differs every month.

In Google Trends, you can see that traffic for “back to school” grows even higher in July, two months before the beginning of a new school year. After students stock up on all the necessary supplies, it drops in September and stays low until next July, i.e. for the whole nine months.

keyword research rankbrain

  • Clicks

If a keyword gets a lot of searches, it doesn’t mean all of them turn into clicks. That’s because Google gives instant answers to some queries with its SERP features. The keyword “dollar rate” gets 21K searches per month, but only 12% of them result in clicks.

keyword research rankbrain

When users type this keyword into Google, they see a currency converter above organic results.

keyword research rankbrain

What’s the point in scrolling down and jumping from page to page if the answer is in view straight away? Before picking any keyword, check out how SERP looks for it.

  • Difficulty

This keyword metric indicates how hard it is to rank in Top 10 and how many domains must refer to you for that. At the very beginning, it makes little to no sense to use keywords with a high difficulty score. You won’t outperform the biggest niche players that have spent a fortune to get to the top.

Start with keywords that have a low difficulty score like “running belts.” Only after building some reputation, you can switch to keywords that are more difficult to compete for.

keyword research rankbrain

Step 4. Use keywords that work for your competitors.

If some keywords already drive traffic to your competitors, they can do the same to you. To discover them, use one of SERP checkers you can find on the web. You’ll learn what sites rank in Top 10 by your target keyword, how much traffic they get, and how many keywords generate that traffic. To see the full picture, click on the keyword number.

keyword research rankbrain

Step 5. Figure out unique keyword ideas.

Following competitors’ keyword research strategies is a surefire way to grow traffic. But you need a unique voice to build a loyal customer base. Otherwise, you’ll get lost among hundreds of sites with similar content. Try these free tools to find unique keywords none of your competitors rank for.

  • Answer The Public generates a massive keyword database divided into five categories. They include question-based, prepositional, comparative, alphabetical, and related keywords.

keyword research rankbrain

keyword research rankbrain

Step 6. Weed out synonyms and categorize the remaining keywords.

When you finish your keyword research, you’ll come up with lots of ideas. For example, I found 1,700+ long-tail variations of the seed keyword “running belt.” You may get a much more extensive list. Don’t you dare stuff them all into your content. Google may penalize you for keyword abuse. Look what will happen to your organic traffic.

keyword research rankbrain

First, weed out keywords with an identical meaning. When people use queries listed below, they want to find the same product, and Google understands that. So, leave only one of these keyword suggestions:

  • phone holder running belt;
  • belt to hold phone while running;
  • belt for phone while running;
  • phone belt for running;
  • running phone holder belt.

Next, categorize the remaining keywords by features, design, purpose, price, etc. I grouped “running belt” variations into 12 categories. You may have different categories depending on your industry and products.

BrandAdidas 3 bottle running belt, Gear Beast running belt, Nathan Hipster running belt, Nike hydration running belt
Genderbest running belt for men, best hydration belt for running for women
Purposerunning belt with water bottle, running belt for keys, running belt for wallet, running belt for cell phone
Specific Purposerunning belt iphone 6, running belt for iphone 7 plus, nexus 6p running belt, note 5 running belt, samsung s5 running belt
Use Casepregnancy support belt for running, deep water running belt, best running belt for half marathon, self defense running belt
Featureselastic running belt for cell phone, water resistant running belt, sweatproof running belt for phone, light belt for running at night
Designrunning belt with pockets, diy running belt no zipper, running belt with zipper, fold over running belt
Sizeplus size running belt
Statustop rated running belt, amazon most popular running belt, best hydration belt for running 2017
Pricelowest price for urban active sports running belt
Comparisonsrunning belt vs armband, running belt vs fanny pack, running smartphone holder vs belt, running belt or backpack
Related Questionshow to wear running belt, how to make your running belt stay in place, should running belt sit on hips or waist, should I get an extra running keeper on belt




The team of Google has made significant progress in artificial intelligence. If you play it smart, there will be no obstacles to reaching the top in SERP. Think of how valuable your content is for the target audience, and only then get down to keyword research.

Can you suggest any other ideas to pick keywords complying with RankBrain? Feel free to speak your mind in the section of comments.


About the Author

Nick Campbell is a content creator and marketer at Ahrefs with passion for technology, SEO, and copywriting. Work up every idea from chaos to clarity is his motto.

20 Major Website design hacks that will drive traffic to your site

Whenever you are operating a particular website or online business one of the best way to increase the number of your customers is by driving traffic to your website.

Nevertheless, not all of your site visitors purchase your, products or services, but in every hundred visitors more than three must-buys hence its essential drive traffic to your site. Lack of website traffic is one of the common problems faced by business owners.

Traffic forms the customers on online websites, and they determine the growth and sustainability of the business. It would be pointless to have an online presence where no traffic is attracted to your site.

There are however solutions to this problem. The best websitebuilder org tips to increase the number of customers visiting your site and eventually increasing your conversion rate include:


1. Decrease your page load time


load time

It is reported that the second delay in loading can lead up to 7% loss in conversions. A staggering 7% can’t be ignored; this can significantly affect your net end profit. Several tips can be used to increase a page load time. Reducing the number of HTTP requests can substantially increase the load time.

Enabling browser caching will save the repeat customer a couple of loading seconds. Optimize images according to size, format and the SRC attribute; this could increase a page load time by 8%.Lower the number of redirects on your website; redirects create new HTTP requests which will eventually lead to an increase in the load time.


2. Improve the navigation on your site


Adding a link to the notable page or resource to your navigation can be very tempting. The question is whether doing this can increase a number of clicks or traffic to your website page.

The answer is yes it increases the traffic to your website. When you have a number of choices to choose from on your navigation bar clutters it and as a result it distract your site visitors hence reducing the chances for them to click on your links that will send them direct to the website pages, for instance pricing page, which are very vital for conversions.

According to best website builder the Olympic store increased its conversion by 7.74% after improving their site navigation. Also, The Weather Channel also increased conversions by 225% after enhancing their website navigation. Further, the position of your navigation is another factor that you cannot ignore since it very vital to your conversion rates.

When you place the navigation bar to your website header the chances of converting more is higher than that of those that have been put on footers or sidebars.


3. Live chat support system


Live chat support system is a very important website design that that will drive traffic or many clicks to your website page. For instance increased traffic and conversions by 20% and sales by 211% on their website page after adding of a live chat to the website.

It is not just enough to share content to your site visitors, you must participate actively in live chatting with the site visitors to know their needs so as to increase the traffic in your website page.

Ensure that all questions are answered as you engage with them. Nothing turns people of quicker than actively chatting and addressing their concerns.

For instance’s boosted their traffic and conversions by 20% after engaging in live chat support system.


4. Make your site mobile friendly

mobile friendly site

Designing a mobile-friendly website is a critical factor to consider when you want to increase the traffic to your website pages. For example, Walmart increased the traffic and conversions by 20% after they implemented a mobile-friendly design to their website.

In the current generation, many people than the past are using their mobile phones to access the web, and if the visitor is forced to scroll and pinch their way round in your website page, you are merely chasing them to another site.

It is important you note that mobile phones is the most used device across the world by the young people visit the website pages in the world of internet.

It is essential to ensure that your website page is comfortably viewable and accessible across a several numbers of devices including those with the small smartphones to increase the traffic to your site.

Finally, on top of making your website mobile friendly, it is essential that you also add your phone number to your web page so that your site visitors can contact you. For instance Flowr increased traffic by 5% due to adding phone number to homepage.


5. High quality images or visuals


High quality images

High quality images design is a very essential website design that you cannot afford to ignore when designing a website you intend to have a traffic.

Research has proved that human beings retains a lot of information if in a visual format. For instance in the above mentioned website a famous vehicles manufacturing company, Hyundai, increased their traffic and conversion in their website.

Hyundai increased the test drive request by 62% after using a high quality images.

When designing a high-quality image, it is essential to consider whether the pictures look attractive to the site visitors and also if the images contain information that is relevant to their needs.

High quality and nice photos will increase the number of clicks on your website. Also, it is good that you ensure that these images are not quality but too large. For example mall.Cz increased traffic as well as conversions by 9.46% after adding large pictures in their homepage that were describing the products they offered.

You should use professional graphic designers to create any kind of video or photo you need. Get the right dimensions for images across your websites.


6. Use of Product Ratings

product reviews

Use of product rating is another website design that drives the traffic to your website page, and you cannot afford to ignore it.

According to best website builder, 63% of your customers are more likely to purchase and regularly view your site after checking your reviews.

Most customers identify products then go searching for reviews from previous users just to determine how good or bad the item is. A single good rating could drive traffic to your site which would lead to an increase in conversions.


7. Additional payment methods

Additional payment methods

When designing your website, it is important that you include your payment method on the homepage so that your site visitors can know it.

Payment method on your site usually makes your site clicks increase through a referral from your site visitors hence causing traffic to your website.

As stated by the above website adding, for instance, PayPal button can increase your traffic by 34%. Also adding of alternate payment method is necessary, for example when Baymard recovered 30% of lost transactions by providing customers with the alternative payment method hence increasing the traffic in their website.

When doing this, it is important to adjust your payment methods to suit your objectives. Determine the payment methods your customers prefer and add them all on your site. Once one payment method has insufficient funds your customer is left with other options to choose from.


8. A/B Test your website

A B Test

A/B test usually optimizes your site to increase traffic to your website. Some of the advantages this analysis is that it is easy to use as well as allowing you to connect your website design with the goals of your firm.

This test makes your website accessible and more of fun to your site visitors. Shopping cart abandonment decreases after you redesign your check out page.

For example, Barrack Obama attained additional$60 million in his campaign after the use of A/B which had increased the traffic on his campaign website.


9. Optimize the CTA button

CTA button

Call to Actions are the crucial element that highly increases traffic to your site. CTA button color optimizes the traffic on your website.

However, changing your Call to Action button from green to red increase the traffic by as much as 34%. For instance, UK airlines increased the traffic in their website and turned realized an increase of conversion by 21% when after they had added BMI’s CTA.

Also, as a result, this increased their conversions by 21% after changing the CTA button color. Changing the place of CTA can raise sales due to the traffic in product pages by 36%. Though very beneficial to your site how you present them is the determining factor.

Animated CTA is the best since they draw the attention of your site visitors increasing the chances of clicking them and as a result, this will drive traffic to your website. Finally, the use of proper CTA is also a key thing to consider, as depicted in, CTR increased significantly by 41% when they used a visible CTA and above the fold.


10. Remove Captcha


Use of Captcha code on your website can significantly affect the traffic negatively on your website. Most websites that use Captcha code usually do so to confirm whether it’s a robot using the site without knowing how this affects their site visitors.

Website traffic and CR increases by 3.2% once the Captcha code has been turned off. Avoiding of Captcha code increases the clicks on your site by increasing the traffic on your website. In short customers dislike having to go through the Captcha code before accessing your site.


11. Take advantage of the negative space

negative space websites

When designing a website space occupied by your website page elements is known as the positive space while that area which is unused is known as white space or negative space.

In web design, the new designers always try to cram into the little space that is offered by each page. These causes noise and makes it difficult to make your offers stand out.

A very little negative space can increase the cognitive load thus making many site visitors visit other website pages simply. As a smart business person it good you ensure that you have as much white space as you can.

White space permits your most vital elements such as links to essential pages and calls to actions to stand out in the presence of other parts of your page. To increase the negative space on your website page break the block of texts into short paragraphs, use media such as images to break your text and finally use bullet points where necessary.


12. Use right color combination

color combination

Color is usually overlooked by most of the web designers when trying to create a site. Choosing a wrong and undesirable colors are detrimental to the traffic of your website.

Research has proved that 85% of the customers prove the color as the determinant of purchases. However, the kind of color you use determines the reactions and emotions you elicit from a site visitor.

It is advisable that you always choose a combination of colors that show the right emotion for your brand. However, using one or two colors is a confused idea since it limits the ability to highlight vital elements such as CTAs which your site visitor can look when viewing our website.

To drive traffic to your website it important you choose at least four types of colors. Using more contrasting colors will draw the attention of your visitors and in turn, increase the chance of finding and clicking your home page and as a result driving the traffic to your site which is your objective.


13. Avoid free or standard templates

website standard templates

The content management system is accompanied by free site templates and themes, and many business people will try to reduce the expenditures by the use of these free themes and templates.

It is good you note that not all standard templates are wrong, but it’s good to note that when these standard templates were designed, they did not keep our business in mind.

Since they are common, they are overused and cannot be updated to custom or premium templates. Standard templates make your business look very cheap and decreasing the ability to customize through the offering of limited features.

In you to drive traffic to your website, it is essential you use the unique design for your brands as well as using templates and themes that can be updated regularly to improve their functionality.

In this type of design it is right, you involve a professional website designer since they not only create a personalized theme for your business and audience but also offer free customer support and templates maintenance depending on how you agree.


14. Make your website responsive

website responsive

When a website is not responsive to some electronic devices the most of your target group will move to visit other sites which mean that your website traffic will reduce.

In prevention of this it good you hire a professional designer for your site.

A sound designer will create a website that is responsive to a range of devices so that you can enjoy a high traffic on your website. Statistics have proved that’s responsive web design boosted traffic by 20% on all the devices.


15. Design using the keywords for your business

keywords for your business

As at now, every business owner must know the importance of selecting the right keywords for their site. If you don’t have a keyword, word stream and Google have keyword tools that allow you to find relevant keywords for your business.

The keyword you choose should have a high search volume but specifically for your business. It is advisable you consider long tail keywords to handle conflict efficiently.

Long-tail keywords enhance a better website search meaning high traffic on your website. Several tools available on the internet will give you great analytics and insight of the most appropriate keywords within your target market’s region.

One can use these and identify appropriate keywords that can be utilized accordingly.


16. Design a social media friendly website

social media friendly website

This type of design maybe disapproved but very crucial in search ranking on Google.

If for instance right now you search some popular titles on Google, you will find Facebook pages that are related to the primary search. Always make sure that your site captures Facebook posts and tweets so that your website can enjoy high traffic.

Also, social media also increases the exposure to the contents of your site. More exposure brings more share which leads to social discovery, and as a result, your website enjoys traffic. Read some blogs from a Social Media Agency to get more information on how you can grow this area of your business.


17. Optimize your website for search or check out process

check out process

Optimizing your check out the process for the search engines is a worthwhile process. Search Engine Optimization is very vital for online businesses since it enables business owners to apply more advanced marketing strategies.

To improve ranking in search engine optimizations, you can optimize your site’s home page as well as make some updates to the title tags on your homepage.

SEO does not a lot of your time to optimize your website but instead helps you to boost your site traffic. Faster checkout increases the traffic and conversions on your website by 66%.

For instance, Veeam software recorded an increase of traffic by 161.66% once they changed one word on their product page.


18. Design a website that can be easily advertised or boosted to spread across the internet

easily advertised

Promoting your website is crucial since it ensures that your site goes viral across the internet. Display advertising, paid search and media advertising are excellent way to make your site experience high traffic.

Even if it calls for you to incur some cash to promote your site its good you do so for the benefit of your site.

This designed should be designed in such a way that it suits the goals of your business.

To increase traffic to your site, you need to invest heavily in making your site viral across the internet. These design can be an expensive one, but the payoffs are worth that money.


19. Websites with irresistible headlines

irresistible headlines

Headlines are one of an essential section of your site content.

Every business owner should ensure that the headline is compelling and comprehensive since chances are that it will go unread and as a result your site experiences traffic.

Always have an upward of several different headlines to choose from before selecting the one you are going to publish to increase traffic to your site.


20. Reduce registration and feedback form fields on the website

feedback form fields

Reducing of feedback forms field is a valuable and deterministic factor to your website traffic since it is expected once you lessen these fields the traffic should increase proportionately.

For instance, Imagescape experienced an increase in traffic and conversions by 160% after reducing feedback form fields from 11 to 4. Also, experienced a rise of 10.4%after they had removed three fields from the registration form.

In most cases whenever the visitor sees a lengthy registration or feedback forms they automatically free from your site to other websites which are hazardous to your business.

Always ensure that these fields have a relevant and little content. No one wants the task of filling out lengthy forms just to give feedback.

Most customers will abandon this, you as the website owner will miss out on feedback that could help build better services for your consumers.



Since you are now aware of twenty major web designs that will drive traffic to your site, the only thing remaining is for you to take action.

Go back to your website right now and look at the areas your website need to be updated to drive traffic to your site. If you are not able to do it yourself look for a professional web designer you can hire to redesign it for you in a way that will drive traffic to your website.

Lastly, every business owner should fight hard to ensure that their site has a very traffic which is correlated with the conversion. High traffic means increased conversion.


8 ways to make your website more interactive

In today’s tech-savvy world, if you want to stay competitive and on top of your game, your website should be interactive and interesting to your target user base. Being interactive provides you numerous ways to deliver the content of your site and give users the option to contribute to the message. Users are more likely to return and recommend your site to others if they find it engaging.
An interactive website is more than just a website. It creates interaction between users and content allowing them to have a personalized experience and go beyond the usual browsing and viewing. Users are the ones who usually provide most of the content here. Having an interactivity can help generate more traffic in your site and increase user engagement.



social shares


If you’re a marketer, an interactive content is very useful as a marketing tool; it can provide you with information about your target demographic. In creating one, take into consideration that interactive content comes in different forms and not all will work well with your users. In strategizing your content, make sure that it matches your audience.

Below are 8 simple ways to get interaction from your audience:


In the past decade or so, we can’t deny the explosion of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has become a lifestyle, a way to keep up to date with what’s going on around the world. It also plays such an important role in making something trend or go viral. Adding a Facebook like button or the option to share a post from your site in Facebook or Twitter is a way to add basic interaction with your users. With this option you will be able to reach other users, generate more traffic in your website and grow your online presence.


Go one step further by letting users sign in using their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, this way they will be able to easily share your posts and receive notifications when you update your site.




If created and written in way that will stand out from thousands of social media posts, quizzes can be a gold mine for interactive content. It is one of the most effective interactive elements you can put in your site. Interactive quizzes can attract audience to visit your site and pass the word along. In order to increase audience interaction and engagement, make your quizzes brief and offer incentives upon completion such as increasing their knowledge about a city, celebrity or even access to content in your site for a limited time.

You can create an interactive quiz with user-friendly quiz apps and share it in Word Press or social media in under 5 minutes. Don’t forget to integrate the message of your brand in the quizzes.




Users love it when they see their content posted in a website. Another way to make your site interactive is providing your users a way to generate and create content with you. User generated content is a great strategy to improve user engagement in your site. This will give your users a place to speak their minds, share information, give their own opinions and be heard. Forums, comment features on articles, question and answer boards and discussion boards are some examples of user generated content. Encourage users to post their opinions and thoughts by adding any one of these features, not only will it help the regular flow of your site’s content but it will also result in users coming back for more. User generated content will also allow users to interact with other users.




Feedbacks and ratings provide insight and information on your website and users. Asking for feedback is a good idea to see what users think and feel about your site or featured products. This will give users the confidence that you want to give them an exceptional experience. Feedback and rating are very helpful in determining how to improve your work, products and services.




Another good idea to interact with users is by providing them with customer support. This is a must especially for sites that requires memberships or are selling products. This feature will reassure users that you care about them and will provide solutions to any problems they may encounter so that they will have the best possible customer experience.

There are different methods on how users can contact you like contact forms, interactive FAQ and live chat programs which are automated with computer-generated response. There are also websites with pop-up chat box with customer service representatives ready to answer any problems from users. The most popular is a “Contact Us” page which contains contact details you want to share such as an address, phone number, email address or mobile number. Make sure to place the contact link of your site where users can easily locate and access it.

customer support


Newsletters are a great way to increase interactivity in your site. Keep users engaged by sending out newsletters with sharable content that they can forward to their friends or colleagues through email. Have a regularly scheduled newsletter for your subscribers to keep them updated. Your newsletter can include a link to new posts you want to promote or a link to a discussion board where users can further discuss the content of your newsletter, this will send users back to your site and increase visits and interest in your site.




A website that is frequently updated is an interactive website. Keeping your site up to date is very important to encourage user engagement. Users are more likely to return to a frequently updated site since they view it as a more reliable source of information. One great way to update on a regular basis is to ask users what they’d like to see featured in your site. Not only will you be able to update often but you will also meet your audience’s needs.





To attract more users to your website, you can promote it and raise awareness by offering a free product or service. Users become interested in visiting sites that offers rewards, gifts and freebies. You may offer a free download of a product or access to e-books, coupons or content for a limited period of time. Providing users an option to download something for free or claim a free gift is a great way to increase interactivity in your site. You may also offer incentives instead if you do not want to give out freebies so that users will keep on returning to your site and generate more interactivity.

There are many ways on how to increase interaction in your website, but these 8 ways are the proven ones to work and are used by successful websites out there. You can choose to use all these 8 ways or you can simply choose the ones you think will work best for your website and your target demographic. As you go along the way, you will be able to come up with more unique ways and ideas to increase engagement and interactivity in your website.

Guest Author: Patrick Del Rosario

Patrick Del Rosario is a blogger from Design Bro. DesignBro is the world’s highest quality brand identity design. Stand out in the cluttered marketplace with your unique logo & Brand Identity and boost your brand image by having a consistent brand identity.