MODX Web Development & Design Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Australia

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November 6, 2016
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November 6, 2016
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MODX Web Development & Design Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Australia


MODX is quote a secure system with the construction of the architecture of MODX being developed with security in mind. The system provides inputs being filtered with many database queries using an API by the way of prepared statements which eliminates the possibility of MySQL injection attacks which makes your website more secure. Finding an experience MODX Web Development company is essential to take hold of your SEO optimised CMS system.


MODX is quite a popular CMS system with over 1 million downloads with a strong community that contributes the latest updates and distribution patches of the system. MODX is a favourite amongst many developers due to its SEO / Security built architecture, in conjunction with being an open source CMS system it allows developers to have a creative freedom without being restricted by closed source code.

MODX was established as an SEO friendly system from the start with recent achievements and awards from Packt publishing this is what attracted the Mindiam team to the open source CMS system from the start. MODX allows you to control your website in its entirety allowing you to change the output at any time which works well with the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates.

Attribute Based Access Control lists (ABAC) gives site administrators granular control over every aspect of MODX Revolutions websites. Authentication can occur via the built in user system, Active Directory, LDAP, OpenID or virtually any other system that can use the MODX API.

MODX Web Development is also suited for our clients due to the easy to manage add-on system administration allowing users or managers to install and upgrade various functions of their website without having to worry about dependencies or missing any steps in the process.

Web designer with an interest in CMS systems and Google Rankings. I enjoy learning about different platforms, plugins and software services.

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