Fate Favours the Prepared when it comes to CMS Choice

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November 7, 2016
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November 8, 2016
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Fate Favours the Prepared when it comes to CMS Choice


When it comes to being a somewhat prominent figure on the internet in terms of web design, SEO, SEM, SMM, CPC, CPA, CPM and the list will go on forever….

There will always be one major core factor supporting your opinion or core theories, experience!

If you choose to be a web designer with a focus on CMS systems, you will need to work out the best CMS systems to propose to your clients based on the required work, lets look at the best CMS systems for the client.


WordPress – When should i use this CMS system

  • When you are looking to build a content rich website
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to setup with drag and drop widgets
  • The best CMS system in terms of SEO and organic rankings, no other CMS system will come close this is the reason all the high ranking blogs run on wordpress



  • Achieves areas that wordpress can’t in terms of ease of use and setup
  • Intergrates with the majority of other CMS systems based of the great plugin system API
  • Has probably the biggest list of extensions and templates available
  • Provides the templates that lead the industry in terms of functionality, coding, design, jquery, ajax, colour changes and the list continues
  • If you wan’t a website with all of the bells and whistles which is easy to setup, this is the CMS for you.
  • Downfall – Your organic rankings wont perform as well as other CMS systems



  • The best open source e-commerce system on the market
  • If you wan’t a stable system which can easily turn over $200,000 worth of sales and customer traffic without compromising the system you can’t go past this
  • Supports all international countries in terms of currency, shopping portals, tax, postage and language translation
  • Downfall – You will need coding experience along with a good knowledge of how to run a professional e-commerce store like you would as a retail store you walk past in the street.


For opensource these 3 Systems will cover what you need to complete your website. WordPress for SEO rankings, Joomla for a website with every integrated feature you have dreamed of and Magento for the best e-commerce website you could ever implement.



Web designer with an interest in CMS systems and Google Rankings. I enjoy learning about different platforms, plugins and software services.

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