ExpressionEngine Responsive Web Design Development Sydney Australia

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November 6, 2016
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November 6, 2016
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ExpressionEngine Responsive Web Design Development Sydney Australia


The advantages of ExpressionEngine is that it is built on an Open Source Framework called CodeIgniter which is a PHP framework used by thousands of PHP developers world meaning that the code is continuously being improved and worked on to keep up with the times and changes.

ExpressionEngine is an Commercial CMS system with licenses ranging from $99.95 – $299.95

The power and flexibility of ExpressionEngine allows users to do pretty much what they want and how they want through the CMS service. This is something few other CMS systems can offer with them being either to technical or under developed and not meeting the needs of the consumer and clients needs.

The security system on ExpressionEngine is said to be nothing to worry about as they have been established for over 10 years they have not had a single major security breach. Patches are provided promptly and efficiently to ensure the highest quality a CMS service can offer.

After working with ExpressionEngine we can see some of the major advantages of this system for out clients include:

  • Excellent template functionality for comprehensive markup/design control.
  • Great system security and stable in the V2 life-cycle at the current 2.3.1 build.
  • Some really great, high-quality ad-dons available. Check out Devot-EE.
  • Built on CodeIgniter, my PHP framework of choice. Strong platform for building custom add-ons.

ExpressionEngine Web Design

Mindiam has been working as a web design and development company in Sydney with ExpressionEngine for a wide range of clients across Australia. Some of our clients websites are based in the major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Being open source code means that Mindiam is able to develop add-ons and templates for the ExpressionEngine system.

Web designer with an interest in CMS systems and Google Rankings. I enjoy learning about different platforms, plugins and software services.

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